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Online Searchable Death Indexes and Records. From Joe Beine.

How to find your ancestors social secuirity, cemetery records, and obituaries for free

This website is a directory of online death indexes listed by state and county. Also included is information about searching the Social Security Death Index online.

Free Social Security Death Index Search

Ohio Death Certificate Index, This database indexes Death Certificates of persons that died in Ohio in the above years, useful for determining date of death and certificate number. Ohio Deaths and Burials, — Name index to death and burial records from the state of Ohio. Ohio Deaths, — Imaged Records — Name index and images of Ohio statewide death certificates. Images of parish registers recording the events of baptism, first communion, confirmation, marriage, and death in the Diocese of Toledo Ohio , Roman Catholic Church.

In addition to traditional parish registers, this collection includes miscellaneous cemetery records, Books of the Elect, Professions of Faith, Sick Call registers, etc. The following counties are found in the database: Allen, Crawford. All Rights Reserved. Genealogy Resources Death Records Death Certificates : Issued by a county or a statewide department of public health, the information contained on the death certificate will vary from place to place. Alabama Deaths and Burials, - Name index to death and burial records from the state of Alabama.

The largest and most comprehensive collection of newspaper obituaries and death notices. Searchable nationwide or by state; must be accessed through a public library onsite or online, depending on your library. From Newbank. Ancestors at Rest. Find your ancestors in death records. Search free death records such as coffin plates, death cards, funeral cards, wills, church records, family bibles, cenotaphs and tombstone inscriptions on AncestorsAtRest. Find links to other death records like cemeteries, vital stats, and obituaries. A glossary of archaic medical terms, diseases and causes of death in twenty-two different languages.

Arizona Death and Burials, ; — Name index to death and burial records from the state of Arizona. Arizona Deaths, — Imaged Records -Published images and index of Arizona death certificates. The certificates are arranged in chronological order within each county. Arizona Genealogy Birth and Death Certificates. Arkansas Deaths and Burials, ; — Name index to death and burial records from the state of Arkansas.

Free Social Security Death Index (SSDI) Online Search

California Death Records. Name index and images of funeral home records from the Halsted N. Images for all years in collection can be browsed, but name index currently covers only years Collection includes a number of different funeral homes acquired over time by the Halsted N. The collection includes funeral register books, burial registers, account books, case books, etc. Indexes appear at the beginning of some volumes. Cleveland Necrology File. This database was produced from a microfilmed copy of an alphabetical card file containing local cemetery records and newspaper death notices gathered by the staff of the Cleveland Public Library.

A small collection of records from the Cleveland Bureau of Vital Statistics and some indexed items from the Annals of Cleveland were also part of the original card file and are also included in the database. The newspaper source material consists of paid notices which were published in the following newspapers: Cleveland Plain Dealer , , the Cleveland Herald , , , , and the Cleveland Press , August 16, - Connecticut Deaths and Burials, - Name index to death and burial records from the state of Connecticut.

Death Indexes and Records. Directory of online death indexes arranged by state and county. Includes death records, death certificate indexes, death notices, obituaries, probate indexes, and cemetery records. Each detailed page of the deceased person contains personal information including social security number, date of birth, date of death, and country of residence. The SSA does not have files for all deceased persons, so if an individual is missing from Death-Record. One of the main purposes of this SSA death records file is to verify deaths, thereby inhibiting fraud.

For instance, pension fund managers, insurers, the government, or anyone accountable for sending payments, needs to know if the recipients of the money are still alive. Death Records - RootsWeb. Delaware Death and Burials, — Name index to death and burial records from the state of Delaware. District of Columbia Death and Burials, — Name index to death and burial records from the District of Columbia. District of Columbia Deaths - Name index and images of death records from the District of Columbia. Digital copies of Philadelphia PA death certificates from Find A Grave.

More than eight million grave sites, including some photographs contributed by users. Florida Death and Burials, — Name index to death and burial records from the state of Florida.

Social Security death index

Gehring, Jake. Original records are arranged chronologically by year and then by certificate numbers. Hawaii Deaths and Burials, — Name index to death and burial records from the state of Hawaii. Homicide in Chicago Idaho Death Certificates, — The certificates are arranged numerically by file number, with a rough chronological arrangement by death date, i. Idaho Deaths and Burials, — Name index to death and burial records from the state of Idaho. Deaths for Cook County excluding the City of Chicago are missing for the years From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

United States portal Politics portal. Retrieved National Technical Information Service. Retrieved 25 January Archived from the original on Clamps Down on Death Record Access". NY Times. Baltimore: ABC2. Government Accountability Office. If the individual had an unusual surname, you may even find it useful to search on just the surname.

If the search results are too large, then add more information and search again. Get creative.

Most Social Security Death Index databases will allow you to search on any combination of facts such as a birth date and first name. With over 77 million Americans included in the SSDI, locating a particular person can often be an exercise in frustration. Understanding the search options is extremely important in helping to narrow down you search.

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Remember: it is best to start off with just a few facts and then add additional info if it is needed to fine tune your search results. For best results, select the "Soundex Search" option if available so that you don't miss possible misspellings. You can also try searching for the obvious alternate name spellings on your own. When searching for a name with punctuation in it such as D'Angelo , enter the name without the punctuation.

You should try this both with and without a space in place of the punctuation i. All names with prefixes and suffixes even those which don't use punctuation should be searched both with and without the space i. For married women, try searching under both their married name and their maiden name. Search the SSDI by First Name The first name field is searched by exact spelling only, so be sure to try other possibilities including alternate spellings, initials, nicknames, middle names etc.

This number can enable you to order the individual's Social Security application, which can lead to the discovery of all sorts of new clues for your ancestor. You can also learn which state issued the SSN from the first three digits. Searching the SSDI by State of Issue In most cases, the first three numbers of the SSN indicate which state issued the number there are a few instances where one three digit number was used for more than one state. Complete this field if you are fairly positive of where your ancestor was living when they received their SSN.

Be aware, however, that people often lived in one state and had their SSN issued from another state. You may search on just one or any combination of these fields. If you have no luck, then try narrowing down your search to just one i. You should also search for obvious typos i. Searching the SSDI by Death Date Just as with the birth date, the death date lets you search separately on the birth date, month and year.

For deaths prior to it is advisable to search on the month and year only, as the exact date of death was seldom recorded.