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Thereafter, each document is electronically imaged and the original is returned to the party indicated on the document. The document recording process is an important county clerk function requiring a large staff and equipment that are not without cost. To offset the cost of the document recording process, county clerks typically charge a base fee for the recording service, as well as a per page fee to record a particular document.

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In recent years, the total cost to record a document has increased dramatically, while the process for doing so has remained largely static. It doubled again in to its current amount. In Nassau County these same fees apply to a person who wishes to record a satisfaction of mortgage.

In addition to these fees, the Nassau County Department of Assessment implemented a Tax Map Certification requirement in for all deeds, mortgages, satisfactions, assignments and consolidations. Documents presented without the Department of Assessment certification page cannot be accepted for recording. These new and increased fees often add thousands of dollars to the cost of buying and selling a property in Nassau County, particularly where a mortgage is involved.

And, if there are any errors in the recorded documents that need to be corrected, the County requires payment of recording fee for a second time.

Some lawmakers who voted in favor of the increases shifted the blame for the increased fees to the Nassau County Interim Finance Authority NIFA , which allegedly demanded that the County budget include additional revenue. Since the law does not require a deed or other instrument to be recorded, those who cannot afford the exorbitant recording fees may be forced to forego the recording process altogether.

They may also choose not to take action to correct known defects or errors in recorded documents. Activities to do in town are extremely limited, for example going to the movies requires at least a fifteen minute drive. However, there are opportunities for young kids with many fun and exciting places, such as bounce trampoline sports and bowling alleys.

Read 58 Reviews.

Nassau County Assessment

Read 2 Reviews. It is a nice, quiet area. The homes are expensive as is typical on Long Island. My kids cannot afford to move out. It has been a diverse community for some time and the majority of us are respectful. Schools are good. Its a good place to live. We have same issues like the rest of the Island and creative positive newcomers should help! More businesses on Rockaway Avenue, more public transportation, and more affordable housing. Read 13 Reviews. The worst offenses are driving offenses. Sure, like everyone, I've had my ups and downs with this community, but I don't think I would be the person I am today without living in Plainview.

Mangano’s freeze

The schools are fantastic, even with their flaws, and the horrible "test schedule" last year. The people here are nice, but tend to complain about most things that just do not go their way, which I believe most people have to learn that some things just don't go their way. Plainview is a safe community, with one of the best fire departments, and police patrol the streets every now and then to keep an eye on things. One thing that isnt safe is the drivers in this community. Most of them don't look both ways, and some even ignore stop signs.

Overall, Plainview has treated me well, and I hope it treats whomever the reader is. So if you consider moving here, I recommend it! Go for it! I have always lived in the city, and moved from a city to the next for the past seventeen years of my life. Although Jericho is relatively close to the city, I was surprised by a lot of the aspects of life here, pleasantly. I love how close I am to the neighbors.

Property Tax Grievance | Heller & Consultants Tax Grievance

How I know exactly who are my classmates in class. I love how I know most of the people in my school. How everyone knows who I am too. Just the welcoming and warming feeling of this town has grown on me. I think anyone who will come here in the future will enjoy being here. Read 33 Reviews.

Property Taxes On Long Island Are Some Of The Highest In The Nation

It is a friendly diverse neighborhood and has lovely surrounding towns with many restaurants and shops. The school system is excellent.

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It also has nice parks and active community organizations than sponsor sports and alike. Read 4 Reviews. I have a lot of friends through the public school system. There's not much to do m]but you can keep yourself entertained. There are a lot of jobs available for teenagers. Most kids are active and have a lot of friends. Our schools have a lot of programs and everyone is accepting. Yeah, our houses and taxes are expensive but it is worth it. I feel safe here and I am mad close to the beach and city. Location is key and we got so much.

We got the LIRR and bagels. I do not see myself livinh anywhere else. I hope I can live here when I am older. Read 40 Reviews. The history of this small town goes back to the 's. To live here is really to have the feel of community.

Outcry Over Tax Burden In Nassau County

We are a diverse group of people who in times of need all pull toghether to help one another. The way it should be. There are lots of things to do in Bethpage, The Bethpage State Park for golf, bike riding, picknicing, hiking, polo and ball playing. The Bethpage Community Park for indoor ice skating and multiple pools in the summer, tennis, handball and a skate park.

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There are lots of stores, restaurants and community events going on year round. It is a great place to visit and an even better place to live! Read 24 Reviews. It's central to so much stuff; I. Grocery stores, banks, hardware stores, dunkin donuts, cloting stores, delis, pizzerias, playgrounds, etc.