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Support them as they seek to establish a lifestyle where they care about more than just themselves. Reaching out to others in this way can keep them from returning to crime and once again being locked up. So what do you think about this blog post about whether felons can visit someone in prison? Have you or someone you know visited someone in prison after a felony conviction? What was that experience like and how were they successful?

Please tell us in the comments below. I am an ex inmate of 20 years now and have not been in any trouble since. Now my ex husband who i am still in a relationship with and live with is in prison at the same facility i served time at 20 years ago. They will not let me visit saying i am not immediate family even though we still live together and have only been divorced 7 months. I dont see were that is right. Please someone tell me what i can do. The facilumity is cmcf ms. If you have two a assault and battery and u not a family member will they let u visit a inmate if u got one espunged from your record.

Yes I got out last Oct. I have two assault cases now I want to be able to see my girls who is in prison and they say I have to wait two years anyway I could see her sooner I get off of parole in 4 months. I was not approved to visit my son in pa doc camp hill because I was incarcerated 16 years ago???

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Is this even legal? Felony 35 years ago. Was investigated by CBI.

Articles of Clothing NOT Permitted

State, local police and Gaming commision for license in gaming. Would that help to get visitor list pass?? Your email address will not be published. That said, JobsForFelonsHub. Your use of this website and all information, products and services made available through this website is at your own risk. You agree that JobsForFelonsHub. No part of this information may be captured and reproduced in any form or by any means for the purpose of distributing the information to other parties without permission in writing from JobsForFelonHub.

If you find a company or position that you feel was included in these results by mistake please let us know at Support jobsforfelonshub. All product names, logos, and brands are property of their respective owners. All company, product and service names used in this website are for identification purposes only. Use of these names, logos, and brands does not imply endorsement. Civilian Rights. Valarie king says:. October 24, at pm. I truly appreciate it. Now that you are here, I hope I can get a hit. I am laid back as a recliner, and cool as a breeze.

Conjugal Visits: Rules and History

I love to write, and look forward to meeting individuals who like to do the same. Age and race does not matter, as long as you are sincere. I'm 35 years old. I am interested in having a true friend whom I can correspond to and pray with also. I grew up in a solid Christian home and then fell into some bad decisions with the wrong people.

‘The impact is going to be so real’

I took a plead deal which I have regretted but I know God will help me as He primes me through this journey. I love my parents and I love genuine and sincere people. I'm as real as they get and never How are you? I hope well. My name is Rudy and I've been down for going on 15 years. I was arrested when I was I basically grew up in here.

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  • Growing up in prison without family or friends was difficult. I've become accustomed to isolating and alienating myself. I'm starting to realize that isolation isn't good, so I'm reaching out in It could be better, it could always be worse. Well, I'm pretty sure the whole point of this website is we're supposed to tell ya'll something about ourselves in hopes of sparking your interest but I'm not gonna lie to you and say I'm anything special.

    Just someone who came from the gutter who's still trying to find his way out I I'm looking for companionship and legal assistance. My goal is to get home sooner to help care for my mother.

    She's getting up there in age and needs my help. Before I was incarcerated, I was the one to prepare her breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

    Florida female prison dating

    She isn't able to write me anymore, but when I speak to her she tells me how much she misses me and the My name is Thomas and I'm the most amazing person you ever met in your entire life. I'm probably the most positive guy you'll ever meet in a prison. I'm always smiling and laughing no matter the situation.

    I am looking to meet new and All Rights Reserved. Must be 18 to view this website and have read our Terms of Service. Skip to main content. Member Login Sign Up.

    Criteria for Visiting Someone in Prison

    Why WriteAPrisoner? Inmate Profiles by State. Gender - Any - Male Female Transgender. Sort by Recently added. Recently updated. Order First to Last. Last to First.

    DisPennett, Dru. Pedleton, Oregon Hey there, Looks like you found me. Angelus, Keith.