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State tax ID numbers allow businesses to buy raw materials at discounted prices, making it more affordable for their customers and ultimately boosting sales. Businesses obtain state tax ID numbers from the department of revenue of the state where it is located. The company requires another state tax ID number if it relocates to another state.

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On the other hand, the IRS is the agency that issues EINs to businesses, and the company retains the number for its active life. An EIN is a form of business identification, similar to how a Social Security number serves as a personal form of identification. The primary purpose of an EIN is to identify a company's income tax and employment tax returns.

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EIN is nationally recognized and can be used to identify a company in any part of the country. Also, an EIN doesn't change, and it can't be issued to another company unless the legal status of the business changes. An EIN can be used to obtain loans, apply for business licenses, and open business bank accounts.

A state tax ID is usually used for reporting state tax. It is not useful outside of the issuing state.

How to Answer FAFSA Question # Driver’s License Number & State ID

Companies that have workers in multiple states must have state tax ID numbers for every state where they have employees, as they need it to report and file state payroll returns with each state. This makes state tax ID numbers only useful in the state where it was issued. Best Business Cards. Best Cards for Bad Credit.


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Difference Between Employer ID Number and State Tax ID Number

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Identity documents in the United States

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Why won't MyTax Illinois accept my driver’s license or state ID information?

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