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Any guarantee claim shall include a copy of the invoice, and shall be sent, within four 4 weeks, to the seller or to the following address:. The instrument transport to the repair location and its return are made at the sole risk of the client.

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As a consequence, costs and risks for loss or damages during transports are not covered by the contractual guarantee. Register My Instrument. If you are human, leave this field blank. Apt, suite, etc.

How Can You Find Out the Manufacturer Date of a Buffet Crampon Clarinet by Serial Number?

Zip code. Which type of instrument did you purchase? What is the model of your instrument?

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What is your instrument's serial number? Where did you purchase your instrument?

Serial Numbers

From a local dealer From an Internet generalist retailer ex. Amazon From an online music store ex. In those days, the model number was the first part of the serial number.

Playing a clarinet badly is better than not playing a clarinet at all. Silversorcerer Hero Member Posts: That is the 7-ring Boehm professional Conn clarinet of that era late 30s, early 40s. Clarinets by Conn are covered pretty well at Conn Loyalist and might not be included in Clarinet Pages because they are well documented and easily dated by the Conn Loyalist website.

Clarinet Pages generally covers the more obscure brands that are not so well documented.

Buffet Crampon | Clarinet

I prefer my vintage professional Conn clarinets over many many others. I use the N models that are from the same era as this N and I have found that these have better intonation than most other clarinets, particularly across the register bridge and on the lowest notes. That is generally not considered a beginner model, but there is no reason why a beginner could not benefit from the features on a pro instrument. That 7th ring on the upper joint yields some fingering advantages over the 6-ring models.

I don't have a Conn 7 ring, but I like that feature on one of my vintage Pedler clarinets. A good mouthpiece match-up is the Conn Steelay Standard 5A hard rubber mouthpiece. These come up frequently on ebay.